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Structured Cabling

Structured cabling refers to a standardized way of connecting the wires that allow computers and other electronics to communicate and network. Structured cabling is widely used in data centers, campuses, offices, apartment buildings, hospitals, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, etc. and is based on two types of cables: copper and fiber optics. Over the years leading manufacturers and organizations developed many structured cabling standards, such as the TIA/EIA Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard.
Category and fiber optic cabling technologies change very fast, new cable and connector products are launched every year and our customers need to know what is the latest in infrastructure systems and how they can install or upgrade their voice and data cabling systems within their budgets. Our specialists are ready to discuss with you the best structured cabling products for your application in the context of other considerations, such as expected installed lifetime, applications that will run over its useful life, cost of active electronics, warranties, quantity prices and delivery times for both standard and custom cables.